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One soldier's true story, and one son's dream to go back and save it from time.

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Main Samples:


Main Sample cut sequence (28:22):  https://vimeo.com/162432560

Greg At Beginning of Project (:40): https://vimeo.com/175568509

Interview samples (15:47):  https://vimeo.com/162479552

Archival Footage WWI Vets Return to France/Unknown Soldier Funeral (18:10):  https://vimeo.com/162432527


Dad's Films (his original films restored):


1972 Crusaders win American Legion Championship (24:08):  https://vimeo.com/169722868

1965 Crusaders win American Legion Championship (25:51):  https://vimeo.com/170194892

1975 Rochester Telephone Strike TV News (5:50): https://vimeo.com/175568507

1966 American Legion Championships and Parade (18:42): https://vimeo.com/176186755

The Rochester Crusaders - Through The Years - Pt.1 (22:28): https://vimeo.com/176186754


Greg Going through Dad's Belongings:


Dad's Pictures (4:22): https://vimeo.com/175568506

Dad Bowling (3:23): https://vimeo.com/177102606

Dad's Camera (2:53): https://vimeo.com/175397083

Dad's Grey Knights Scrapbook (5:28): https://vimeo.com/175397084

Dad's Notes on Kodachrome Boxes (3:14): https://vimeo.com/175712516

Dad's Cutting Room Floor (1:25): https://vimeo.com/175397085

Dad's War Keepsakes (10:54): https://vimeo.com/175712515

Dad's Burial Flag (5:18): https://vimeo.com/175397086

Original Film Playback Method (4:35): https://vimeo.com/175568508



Raw Interviews:


Nick Marinaccio (3:35): https://vimeo.com/170037479

Laurence (5:59): https://vimeo.com/169474184

Don Sellinger (14:38): https://vimeo.com/169567090

Jim Russo (59:00): https://vimeo.com/169567100

Ray Shahin (1:45:00): https://vimeo.com/169567107

Renagades 2008 (9:38): https://vimeo.com/169879489

Joe Rizzo (1:02:00): https://vimeo.com/169722870

Frank Gerris A (1:03:00): https://vimeo.com/169567098

Frank Gerris B (23:54): https://vimeo.com/169567099

Bill McGrath (53:19): https://vimeo.com/169567089